Kelly V. Interview

Interview #2
Name: Kelly V.

A little about yourself:

I am a 29 year old first time mother to a 6 month old little girl.

A little about your family:

I live with my fiancé, our daughter and our new puppy!

What surprised you the most when you first became a new parent?

How everything required planning, even things that I never thought about such as taking a quick shower.

What changes or challenges did you experience as a new parent and how did you react to them?

I think I would have to say that it was the lack of sleep right after she was born. It took us a while to get a routine and once we were able to do that, it helped.

Was there a moment when you suddenly thought, “WOW, I am a parent”?

It happened when I was holding her and looked down at her when we first got back home from the hospital. It was a magical moment.

What would you say is/was your favorite part about being a parent?

I love that she is so precious and looks at me with her loving eyes. It really makes me feel great to provide everything that I can for her.

What would you say is/was the most difficult part about being a parent?

I think that would be when she is crying and I can’t figure out why.

Was your child’s delivery as expected?

Yes. She came a little early and my labor was long, but everything went well.

What advice would you give to expecting moms/dads/couples to help them prepare for the delivery of their first child?

Keep in mind that if things do not go as planned you have to be flexible and try not to get upset, because it is all worth it once you are holding your baby.

What is one thing an expectant parent should take to the hospital?

I would say some warm socks. I love the really fuzzy ones. They are good to have for the whole stay. And of course a great outfit for your baby!

What advice would you give to expecting moms/dads/couples to help them prepare for life at home with their baby?

Every day may be a new experience, so don’t get upset and go with the flow. Things get easier.

Did you know about developmental milestones, brain development or pre-literacy skills before your child was born?

I did not know those terms. I have learned a lot in the last 6 months.

Do/did you and your child have a favorite routine?

She loves to rock with me in the rocking chair in our living room in the evening. We do that after my fiancé and I eat dinner every night.

Do/did your child/children have favorite children’s books or children’s characters?

She is little for that yet, but I do read to her. I have read her the Smart Artt book and she likes the rhyming part of the story.

Tell us a funny story about your child or about your parenting!

She had one outfit I loved when she was first born and after she had worn it maybe 4 times, I realized that I had been putting it on her backwards! Lol.

Now we all know that parents need grown up time, so…
What is your favorite thing to do when you have time without your child/children?

I like to run, read and spend time with my fiancé and friends.

Do you have a blog or website you would like to share?


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